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Our Direct Marketing (DM) Diagnostic leverages our 10+ years direct marketing experience identifying opportunities for customer retention and new customer acquisition. Our diagnostic tools accelerate your growth in 4 ways:

#1 Accurate
Customer Data

Keeping, reactivating and up selling customers is easier than acquiring new converts.  On average we update about 20% of customer data with moves going back 35 years including predictive demographics and purchasing indicators

#3 Better Market Penetration

Do you know how much market share you have and what that market looks like? Let us help provide accurate and insightful reporting

#2 Impactful Multi-Channel Marketing

Communicating efficiently and effectively is key to boosting your marketing ROI.  We can help bring together Direct Mail, Online, Landline/Wireless and Email into a single identity.

#4 Focused Prospect Data

When is the last time you reviewed better ways to target your marketing investment.  Let us create a custom recommendation to power your program.

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About Brooks Integrated Marketing
Brooks Hall
Founder & CEO

Phone: 800-531-2601x901

David Garrett 
Vice President of National Accounts and Marketing

Phone: 800-531-2601x948

Brooks Hall's passion for marketing led him to start BrooksIM in 2009. His vision is to create a positive work environment where clients can receive the highest customer service as well as a strong financial return on their direct marketing investment. Brooks received his bachelor’s degree in Marketing with a concentration in Advertising and E-Commerce as well as an MBA from Florida Gulf Coast University.


His education and 15 years of industry experience has allowed him to gain the expertise needed to identify client needs and understand the full scope of their marketing objectives. This has resulted in proven success over the last 15 years with clients with unique needs including non-profits and Fortune 500 companies.

David is a seasoned senior marketing professional and has lead marketing for several leading companies including Procter & Gamble, Frito-Lay and Mission Foods.  He is experienced in the business services arena where he served as Executive Vice President at Camelot Communications, a strategic marketing and media agency, where he led client services for 7-Eleven convenience stores. 


David has successfully driven results for a wide variety of clients including: Johnson & Johnson, Abbott Ophthalmology, Weston Bakery Ltd., Dairy Management Incorporated, U.S. Dairy Export Council, venture capital firms, and more.  He also served as Chief Marketing Officer for a large Texas-based Hispanic grocery store chain.  

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