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Now you can follow-up your direct mail campaigns on Facebook to increase brand credibility, awareness, and response!
Multi-channel marketing has used email and telephone campaigns to successfully increase response rates on direct mail campaigns for years. BrooksIM is proud to announce Facebook as our newest medium for direct mail follow-up.  We can take any postal address file and create a custom Facebook ad for your audience.  
With an average match rate of 55%, you can target an online market that exceeds most email append rates. This custom audience can then be targeted with a specific message that matches your postal campaign!
Do you have customers that are only taking advantage of only one of your products? Through Facebook Footprint you can create custom upsell audiences in order to sell new services to existing customers. 
Benefits of using Facebook Footprint:
  • Increase conversion from a direct mail campaign
  • Target demographics and analytics online with the same precision you use offline
  • Have ads click straight through to your website when consumers are online
Timing is everything! Use BrooksIM’s Facebook Footprint to make the right offer at the right time today!
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