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Are you Prepared for 2023?

Hurrican Ian Hits Rolls Royce
Ian Hits Rolls Royce - Bonita Beach Rd Sept 2022

Being prepared is essential to competing in today’s marketplace - especially for Business Owners, Marketing Managers, and Sales Directors. The successful businesses that we all work in or run, need complete focus when it comes to being prepared. You never know when a curve ball will come your way. Here at BrooksIM, we experienced just that in September 2022 with hurricane Ian. With our headquarters, and half of our staff, located in Bonita Springs, Florida we were directly in the path of the monster storm.

For many years we were less affected than others, as storms and hurricanes came close, but never directly hit. Fortunately, even with such a major hurricane, our office experienced only a power outage for a few days with no major structural damage. Because our systems, tech, and data are hosted in the cloud, we were able to minimize any significant interruption for our clients. Our planning for hardline, cellular, and satellite internet backup, as well as solar and power generator redundancy, helped us provide communication to clients about any short staff unavailability while the storm was active over our area. We rated our preparations as about an 8.5 out of 10(there are always more lessons to be learned). Next time around, we'll be a full 10 of 10 for the scout motto "Be Prepared!"

Thankfully, we have all witnessed the amazing resilience and community action that Southeast Florida is still exhibiting to this day.

Amazing Resilience of Community and Team Environment
Jan 2023, 4th Months After Ian Clean Up Continues

In today’s sometimes volatile and hectic environment, businesses that are prepared, not only for the protection of people and assets, but with data properly segmented for personalized communications, will be well positioned for success and growth the new year.

A few examples of being prepared?

  • Will your brand be able to communicate effectively and accommodate consumers and clients living in effected areas with the right messaging, whether they are located in the path of a storm or not?

  • Do you have a team in a different geographic region, cross-trained and ready to take action?

  • Access to internet via hardwire, LTE/Cellular or Starlink/Satellite?

  • Back-up Power Supply for 2 Weeks?

  • Have you given employees time to prepare personally so they and their families can be ready?

Is your organization prepared?

Will your brand be able to communicate effectively and accommodate clients and consumers living in affected areas, with the timely and appropriate messaging?

Over the years, we all have learned hard lessons on how and why we must prepare for a storm, a fire, a flood, or other emergency that can affect our lives and livelihoods. Preparation, in the data and marketing world, has a huge impact on your communication and customer satisfaction. Data segmentation and having key insights into customer location, their device communication preferences, and their personal interests and behaviors are key in today’s ultra-competitive marketplace. Let’s face it, there are companies that “get it” and deliver exceptional results. Then some are only average, while many others just fail miserably.

Which one would you like to do business with?

  • For example, does your cable company really understand and reward you for your loyalty?

  • How about your insurance company for your home, car, business or health? How well do they know you, other than by a member ID or insurance card?

With the amazing technology and data platforms available in today’s marketplace, these challenges can be conquered more easily with additional intelligence about your clients and prospects. We all know customer data changes rapidly. There are job changes, moves to another state, marriage, children, income changes, device changes, personal preferences and so much more! If you have the same customer profiles from 5 years ago, without tracking updates and changes, that’s not going to be good enough. Your customer, who retired and downsized to an apartment, isn’t going to respond to an offer to upgrade the alarm system or solar on the home they owned 4 years ago.

Get the drift?

Let’s make sure your business is as prepared as possible, in 2023 and beyond, by understanding all the life changes happening with your clients. With the most extensive databases in the industry, including information on consumer devices, email, phones, as well as comprehensive demographics and behavioral data on your customers, IMDataCenter can help you be prepared for 2023 and beyond. We’ll help ensure that you are taking full advantage of this intelligence using our easy to access software and data services.

Understand Life Changes with Comprehensive Database with Email, Phones as well as Deep and Rich Demographics.
Get the Drift, Be Prepared!

Come take us for a test drive and experience our performance-based SaaS platform which returns quality results with ease and efficiency!

We Can Help

Since 2009 Brooks Integrated Marketing has helped companies acquire new clients with our next-generation data platform that provides precision targeting for digital audiences, mobile, email, direct mail & telemarketing. Our software platform monetizes leads, client and prospect data, in real-time. Scoring and verifying identity, enhancing quality, and appending relevant demographics helps expand the marketable universe along with the number and quality of conversions to a sale.

On-Target Results

Brooks Integrated Marketing has all the resources you need to effectively, efficiently, and economically power-up your efforts to reach your new, emerging, and even traditional revenue sources. Call or e-mail us today.

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