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With insurance policies, the goal is having qualified leads that convert into policies. Our multi-channel marketing services, combined with our multi-sourced databases for home, auto, life, senior markets, health, life event triggers and much more will insure your marketing to an audience that meets your exact underwriting criteria.


With every marketing campaign there is always a strong emphasis placed on reaching your target market for your clients. BrooksIM’s data consultants are experts in finding the right fit for your offer. With 10+ years of direct marketing experience, we are well suited to provide strong campaign analysis and help you find your target market for your clients with data services for acquisition or enhancement.

Call Centers

Our Telephone Append includes directory assistance, consumer compiled files and daily new phone connections. We can eliminate disconnected phone numbers, isolate whether the number is wireless or landline, add and update customer or prospect files with callable phone numbers including or omitting DNC phones in real time. Better still you only pay when we match and append a phone number. 

Mortgage and Real Estate

Sourced from county court house records, our database can be used to help target individuals suited for refinancing, reverse mortgages, or those looking for mortgage protection. In addition to our mortgage database we also have a Pre-Mover File of individuals who have listed their house for sale and will be likely to buy a new home in the near future. This is a great way to target and acquire those about to purchase a new mortgage in your market.


Imagine every mail piece you deliver also gets sent an online offer. Let us show you how easy it is to increase your mail response with our complementary mail solution to increase response rates. BrooksIM can help you provide a value added solution to your clients that rely on accurate data and response by isolating the 25% of people that traditional NCOA services do not capture.  

Data Resellers

We would love to help you expand your product offering and can provide you a private labeled website like or provide an install of one of our consumer or business databases. Or access our SaaS solution IMDataCenter that enables you to keep all  you and your customers data current and accurate.  Whether you are looking for a one-time data purchase or a long term solution, we can provide our expertise in data selection and leverage our buying power to obtain data services at a competitive price


The best gauge of someone's likeliness to donate is known donor activity from other like organizations. Let BrooksIM create a customized list recommendation of donor files available for rental. BrooksIM has great knowledge and experience with selecting the donor files that will outperform expectations time and again especially for mailing labels or other premium offers. You can expect the highest level of service from BrooksIM including complimentary NCOA with all specialty list purchases.

Home Services 

Many home services companies rely heavily on leads and good data.  By isolating the precise data for solar, remodeling, security, and other popular home services BrooksIM can help you acquire new clients.  With our SaaS solution IMDataCenter, home services organizations can maximize their current leads and databases by isolating the proper triggers like a recent move, or change in home ownership.  

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