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Although NCOA Processing is a great product, up to 20% of movers do not bother to fill out a card with the post office and will not be picked up by the service. Additionally, it is limited to the last 48 months of moves (4 years) so if you have data older than that it could be undeliverable as addressed. PCOA Processing uses a whole host of data sources including credit card changes, magazine subscription updates, and a historical database that allows your to pick up moves up to 30 years old.
Here's what that means for you:
  • Reconnect with Lost Customers from Years Past
  • Find an Average of 15% More Moves than NCOA Processing
  • Low Minimum Orders Ensuring High-Quality Move Updates
PCOA Processing is the way to go for updating your customer database from years past. Go ahead and reconnect with past customers or alumni that could be a tremendous asset to your company!
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