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Navigating the Everglades Challenge 2024 – Marketing Lessons from a Boat Race

Last year, Brooks (Race Name: TheMapster) undertook the Everglades Challenge, a thrilling expedition small boat race covering approximately 300 miles from Tampa Bay to Key Largo, FL. Successfully finishing in 2 Days, 21 Hours, 23 Min and securing first place in the class/division.  The natural beauty of pulling into Key Largo, as the moon was setting and the sun rising, was awe inspiring.  The hours and days of planning and preparing paid off, the entire adventure was finally complete. Fast Forward one year and “TheMapster” team faced the inevitable question of whether to embark on the challenge again, and if so, whether to invest in a new boat or enhance the existing craft. This is much like the decision-making process in marketing, where businesses often grapple with the choice between trying new strategies or optimizing current ones.

In the world of marketing, it's common to question whether to test new databases or concentrate on enhancing existing processes. BrooksIM, founded in 2009, faced a similar dilemma when introducing  We knew we could increase the Return-On-Investment on any mailing, but convincing mailers to run the NCOA process was challenging. However, a pivotal moment came when the post office made NCOA mandatory for a postal discount. Suddenly, the business took off.

Similarly, marketing strategies evolve over time. BrooksIM, now leveraging, has introduced innovations like PCOA (Proprietary Change of Address) and Customer Profiling to enhance response rates and ROI in Direct Marketing channels, including email, postal, telephone, and digital. PCOA provides a response lift typically double NCOA, while Customer Profiling offers real-time insights that can significantly impact telemarketing, postal, and email campaigns.

TheMapster’s Everglades Challenge boat enhancements parallel the marketing improvements. Brooks added a rowing unit for increased efficacy which aligns with the concept of PCOA for direct mail – here leveraging leg strength vs just arm strength for better results. The auto-pilot system that keeps the boat on course, even when exhausted operators are at the helm, draws parallels to Customer Profiling, which can guide marketing strategies in real-time. The introduction of a third sail, the Staysail, boosting speed by 1 knot, mirrors the impact of email or digital follow-ups in marketing campaigns.

So, is your marketing drifting off course or in need of a boost? can provide valuable insights. By back-testing past campaigns, we can show your business the lift that can be achieved with data enhancements. As a special promotion during TheMapster's Everglades Challenge, is offering a Complementary Customer Profile (normally $500). This offer is valid now until TheMapster team finishes the race and reaches Key Largo, providing a unique opportunity to explore the power of data-driven marketing.

Follow TheMapster's journey through the Everglades Challenge, starting March 2nd at 7 AM, at, and embark on your own marketing adventure with Contact us today to take advantage of the limited-time offer and steer your marketing strategy towards success.

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