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Do you have a postal database that you would like opt-in e-mail addresses for? Through IMDataCenter's Email Append process, we can provide you with e-mail addresses at a lower cost than the postage of a single mailing. We append e-mail addresses from our 150 million multi-sourced opt-in e-mail database. As a part of the process we send a permission message on behalf of our clients and guarantee that the e-mails we provide are 100% deliverable. 
Email Append Steps:
  • Day 1: Receive your database including a Name and Physical Mailing Address as well as a permission pass HTML message to be dployed on your behalf (an example of the message can be seen here)
  • Day 2-3: Match is performed and a sample permission pass message is deployed for your approval
  • Day 4-5: Permission pass is sent to appended e-mails (estimated 30% match rate)
  • Day 5-10: Newly appended file is delivered along with opt-outs for you to suppress from all future campaigns to ensure CAN-SPAM compliance
Email Append Tips:
  • Most Consumer Appends are 25% to 35% of Input Records
  • Most Business Appends are 15% to 20% of Input Records
  • Can Customize Match Logic to Individual or Household Level
  • Deliverability Guaranteed with Permission Pass
Data Access and Automation:
BrooksIM makes it easy to append emails by providing file access through Email, FTP, AutoFTP, and Realtime Interactive Web Services (using XML and SOAP). Contact us to learn more about the solution best fit for your needs.
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