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Our consumer and business phone append allows you to append phone numbers to any postal file that includes name, address, city, state and zip using our proprietary match logic and seven datasets.
Consumer, Business, & Wireless Phone Append:
  • Proprietary Match Logic 
  • 7 Data Sources
    • 4 Compiled Databases
    • 2 Directory Assitance / 411 Databases
    • 1 Telco "New Connect" and "Disconnected" Databases (Updated Daily)
  • Optional DNC Filters: FTC, DMA-TPS, State and Wireless
  • One business day turn around!
IMDataCenter's phone append process gives you the ability to omit DNC Phones in real-time and append only the non-DNC phones with a SAN number. This is a great advantage because you only pay for phones where we match a callable number. We typically match 20%-30% when appending non-DNC phones and 50%-80% when appending DNC phones. 
IMDataCenter can also reverse append a physical address and name using a 10 digit phone number on input. Our reverse append process includes Consumer Databases, Directory Assistance, Voice Over IP Phones and Wireless/Cell Phone Numbers. This helps maximize the match rate and provide quality addresses for you. 
Customer service at IMDataCenter is paramount to our success! IMDataCenter offers a self-service function on our website where you can process files at your leisure. Also, if you would like to have an account representative advise you and process your file for you, we would love to help. We will provide a free phone append match report to any new customer to ensure the value of our multi-pass process and if you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us. We look forward to working with you. 
Data Access and Automation:
BrooksIM makes it easy to append phone numbers by providing file access through Email, FTP, AutoFTP, and Realtime Interactive Web Services (using XML and SOAP). Contact us to learn more about the solution best fit for your needs.
Upload your file today for a FREE Match Report!
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