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Insurance "Ink"....or not!

Generic direct mail piece is good bedtime reading.......yawn!

Assumed Target Market

-Everybody in a zip code, probably with a house and a car, and maybe a boat (this is Florida after all).

Intended Offer

"Save money. Better Coverage. Best Service". The save money part sure competes with Gieco and Progressive, both of which spend more on marketing that I can count, so kind of motivating but, but, but.....sorry I was dozing. And is that a typo on the center column, "actual Anew customers". Even the proofreader fell asleeeeeeeeep. I purposely deleted the company name and contact info out of pity.

Why we like this mail piece

Frankly, I didn't......sorry, but this gives direct mail marketing a bad name. So much of the content is pure "mother hooding", so uninteresting, and as generic as the stock photos used in the visuals.

What we would change

Well, for starters, we would have asked what is the strategy and reason why anyone would engage with us. Then we would have created some sort of incentive to even pick up the phone and call, or click or something. Net, start over boys!

How would you rate this piece based on the following:

-Creative: what creative? Rating: 0.0 (rotten oranges)

-Offer: what offer? Rating: 0.0 (rotten oranges)

-Target: how can you miss when you mail out to everybody in a zip code? At least they made the effort Rating: 1.0 (bitter oranges)


​Now it's your turn...Juiced or Not Juiced?

This blog gives YOU the opportunity to vote your choice of ‘sweet’ (good) or “bitter” (bad) on the marketing piece we just reviewed.If the piece hits all 3 of the key criteria above (i.e. creative, offer, targeting) vote 3 oranges. If the piece totally missed, vote 1 bitter orange. And if you thought the piece was 'JUICED' vote 5 oranges.

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