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Scare Tactics that Scare

Nothing says "boo" like a deflated air bag, that car won't start sinking feeling in your midsection or the repair guy taking 15 minutes to write-up your 2-page repair estimate. Are you protected? "Don't worry, be happi" with Happiwarranty's e-mail ad.

Proposed Target Market:

-Car or truck owners

-People who don't lease their vehicles

-Those of us who don't have a few thousand buck laying around for 'unexpected expenses' like car repairs

Included Offer:

-Extended warranty laundry list of covered repairs

Why we like this e-mail campaign from ''Happiwarranty'

-For many of us, facing a big car repair bill is like going to the proctologist , only slower. We know that when our wheels don't work, we're in for some kind of major maybe we can go to Disneyland some other year, I didn't really need a new set of clubs, my child may be able to get through college in 3 years, right? Sorry Charlie, but if your needing an extended warranty, your trying to prep for the inevitable. Happiwarranty wants you to think of them and their extensive list of covered repairs and services....and it's extensive.

That's what we like about this e-mail, it makes me feel like disaster is at the next on-ramp to my highway of dreams. BUT Happiwarranty can make me, well.....happy, by offering this extensive coverage.

What we would change from this e-mail ad:

-Company name, "Happiwarranty", doesn't really give me a great sense of comfort, when the whole message is focused on my confidence and comfort. This actually sounds like a cheap 'kung fu' movie; the part where the Master confronts the drunken village bully.....yikes!

-Company logo: wow....that's pretty cool, two crossed crescent wrenches in a chevron, with the slogan, "Don't worry, be happi" Not original, not engaging, not reinforcing that happiwarrenty will be there when I am broken down on the side of the road, not more than $5.00 in art costs.....guaranteed!

-Call-to-Action: Exactly what am I supposed to do next? No wait, let me guess, Google '" to figure out the biggest question I have, "How Much?"

How we rate this e-mail ad based on the following criteria:

-Creative: Smashed cars will always capture the imagination and our attention. Ever sat is a traffic jam for 20 minutes just to discover everybody was, "rubber necking" a minor car fender bender....and then you slow down to gawk too? Rating: 2.5 oranges (semi-sweet)

-Offer: there isn't one, or at least an obvious one Rating: 0.5 oranges (bitter)

-Targeting: I own an older car which is beyond warranty with 55K miles and counting, so I'll give 'Happiwarranty' kudos for finding me! Rating: 3 oranges (juiced)


​Now it's your turn...Juiced or Not Juiced?

This blog gives YOU the opportunity to vote your choice of ‘sweet’ (good) or “bitter” (bad) on the marketing piece we just reviewed.If the piece hits all 3 of the key criteria above (i.e. creative, offer, targeting) vote 3 oranges. If the piece totally missed, vote 1 bitter orange. And if you thought the piece was 'JUICED' vote 5 oranges.
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