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Porsche(R) Direct Mail Piece

Porsche goes all out to convince you that you're not really living unless you're driving a Cayenne. The only thing missing here is the new car leather smell!


Proposed Target Market:

  • Cleaned and verified customer and service list

  • Porsche owners from other dealers

  • Porsche owners from private sales

  • Luxury car owners with a high propensity to purchase an SUV


Included Offer:

  • Check out the new Cayenne, we’ll thrill you


Why we like this mail piece from Porsche:

Interesting use of different personal case studies showing how the Cayenne can be a perfect transition vehicle from the 911 to a SUV, without sacrificing Porsche performance and experience. First, the “Apple-like” packaging (i.e. real attention to cardboard) was delivered in late November (holiday gift….hint, hint…). Contained nice letter from a Porsche honcho inviting “a 360° experience”. Then came the high end printed booklet telling the story of 3 obviously successful Porsche owners and how they utilized their Cayenne…..Porsche obviously aimed to be all encompassing (male, female, millennial, single, successful, baby-boomer with family etc.).

BUT then, the real awesomeness of this piece ‘literally’ “unfolded”. Well-crafted cardboard virtual reality glasses were easily assembled. Instructions directed to scan an enclosed QR Code with a smart phone to load a video and audio program from “You Tube”, which it did smoothly. THEN, the music started and introduced my test drive ‘friends’ who invited me to take a look at the interior of the Cayenne, as well as showing-off the technological wonders of Porsche. We then went on a heart pounding speed run on a test track (closed circuit, professional driver, don’t try this at home, yaga daga).

I couldn’t help but be engaged and spent an inordinate amount of time dreaming of how incredible my life would be by owning the Cayenne. Alas, at the conclusion of my new virtual life and new Porsche friends, I faced driving home in my 9-year-old Ford with the busted tail light with an AM radio that is iffy at best. But for a few bright, shining moments, I OWNED and EXPERIENCED a Porsche Cayenne

What we would change from this mail piece:

The VR 3-D images were sometimes no aligned….maybe it’s my myopia! But nevertheless, a job well-done by the marketers of Porsche

How we rate this mail piece based on the following criteria:

  • Creative: Just the coolness of a virtual reality experience was pretty darn creative, let alone the interaction with my co-passengers

  • Offer: There wasn't a true call to action or specific incentive, but I guess if you weren't motivated enough by the 3-D experience and being absorbed into Porsche's world, a $100 incentive probably wouldn't make you run down to the nearest Porsche showroom

  • Targeting: Current/former Porsche owners, maybe with or without a Cayenne, or anyone else that has $65K (base price) burning a hole in their pocket


​Now it's your turn...Juiced or Not Juiced?

This blog gives YOU the opportunity to vote your choice of ‘sweet’ (good) or “bitter” (bad) on the marketing piece we just reviewed.If the piece hits all 3 of the key criteria above (i.e. creative, offer, targeting) vote 3 oranges. If the piece totally missed, vote 1 bitter orange. And if you thought the piece was 'JUICED' vote 5 oranges.

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