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SimpliSafe(R) gives a 'peaceful, easy feelin' in a simple direct mail piece

If you're thinking about a security system, SimpliSafe takes a comforting approach, unlike other security firms that focus on fright.

Proposed Target Market:

-Home owners (or renters for that matter) who want a security system that's reliable, easy to use, and doesn't break (into) the bank.

Included Offer:

-Low price since they 'cut out the middle man'

-No contracts

-60-day money back guarantee

-Wow..this is like the total opposite of the security system I have!

Why we like this direct mail piece from SimpliSafe

-Everything about this piece is, well, simple. The parts of the system are clean, look simple to install and without reading the details, are intuitive.

-So many of today's mailed pieces seem to SHOUT a multitude of details and expect the recipient to plow through a laundry list of minutia and 'super important details'. SimpliSafe doesn't do that. The pitch is simple, intelligent without being simplistic, and text on the 5 page fold-out brochure is minimal and well organized.

-The photography used in this piece would chill-out Glen Frey*. Soft, slightly out-of-focus, warm and inviting, picture of the CEO working away in his kitchen on further improving the system etc. All combined to give me a feeling of security, comfort and security.......just what I want my home to be and represent.

*Glen Frey, founder and lead singer for the 70's band, The Eagles of 'I've got a peaceful, easy feeling' fame. If that doesn't ring a bell, check Glen out at:

What we would change from this e-mail ad:

-Included is an interesting promise that I can earn 10,000 American Airlines(R) miles if I buy this system by next month. Yes, I am an AA Advantage member (actually I am a 4,500,000 Platinum flyer, which means I only have to stand in the boarding line with half of my fellow passengers). But here's the thing, the 10,000 miles really didn't add much to my decision process. First, because 10,000 miles wouldn't even get me a quarter of a 'free ticket'. I guess if I traveled a lot (I don't as much now, at least on American) I'd want to be sure my home is safe when I am gone. But secondly, this piece makes me want to cuddle up with a hot coco in front of my fireplace and read a book, not slog to the airport and fly to Chicago. Maybe it's a small added incentive, but seems out of place.....Swiss Miss tie-in anyone??

How we rate this e-mail ad based on the following criteria:

-Creative: to take a set electronic gadgets and make a non-techy like me feel good about it....nice! Rating: 4 oranges (sweet)

-Offer: plenty of motivators here (economic, no contracts, money back guarantee etc.), Rating: 3 oranges

-Targeting: I already have a system from my cable provider. It's not bad, but I am paying pretty big bucks for it and the 3-year contract expires soon.....maybe, just maybe....! Did they know I already had a system or did I get this because I am a 'valued' American Airlines customer? Who knows but regardless, this ad works Rating: 3 oranges (juiced)


​Now it's your turn...Juiced or Not Juiced?

This blog gives YOU the opportunity to vote your choice of ‘sweet’ (good) or “bitter” (bad) on the marketing piece we just reviewed.If the piece hits all 3 of the key criteria above (i.e. creative, offer, targeting) vote 3 oranges. If the piece totally missed, vote 1 bitter orange. And if you thought the piece was 'JUICED' vote 5 oranges.
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