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We move an average of 11 times in our lifetime. Is your business capitalizing on this life event?

Updated: May 10, 2022

Lets face it we’ve all been there, moving is a hassle, No way around it its one of the most stressful times one could have. Did you know it actually happens 11 times in our lifetime when we will go through this process! But there is a silver lining here as New movers represent a lucrative opportunity for brands to establish new customer relationships and maintain existing ones. Consumers spend more in the 1st 6 months of their new home or apartment than they will in the next 3 years. The checklist is daunting as to the products and services one leaves behind and will bring in to a new home or apartment. This also is a time when families revisit all of there current vendors. But lets take a look at a few opportunities this represents for all of us marketers who have compiled much data over the years from a variety of internal and external lead generation efforts to take advantage of this life event!

Home Services & Renovations – Yes you will want your new home with either a new look or a similar look to your old home. Many of us are like me and find a way to a get bruised thumb by just hammering a nail to a painting onto a wall, thus requiring someone to handle whatever remodeling/renovating needs to happen! By the way post pandemic homeowners are using their home more and length of ownership has increased so big opportunity here for all home services!

Insurance – When you move it is a requirement to update your auto and obviously new homeowner or renters policy. This provides a great opportunity to proactively reach out to your customer or prospect in your CRM and cross sell or upsell. Lets not forget health insurance with the Biden administration providing more liberal guidelines and benefits for what the health insurance industry calls “SEP’s”, or special enrollment periods which lets you change your current insurance policy if you move in many instances! Great Strategy to capture this life event and really consult with your consumer the right plan for their stressful time!

Business Services- All business's need to be able to access intent or people looking for what they provide. New energy and solar providers, restaurants, security companies, moving companies and many other types of business will benefit from this ideal target market. New Movers provide any local, regional, or national business a wonderful audience to capture additional market share.

Is Your Business Ready?

Marketers targeting various consumer and business segments through Direct Mail, Email, Digital and by Phone should strongly consider this "life event" as a time to market to these responsive consumers. Over 15 million people will be moving this year with over 300,000 per week! Given what we are seeing economically and demographically, updating customer contact information will be an immense competitive advantage, particularly over the next 12-24 months. By targeting new and monitoring your current clients and prospects for these new movers as well as premovers it offers a great vehicle for new revenue!

We Can Help

Since 2009 Brooks Integrated Marketing has helped companies acquire new clients by providing a next generation data platform that provides precision targeting for digital audiences, mobile, email, direct mail & telemarketing. Our software platform , in real-time monetizes leads, client and prospect data by scoring and verifying identity, enhancing quality, and appending relevant data which expands marketable universe and quality of conversions.

On-Target Results

Brooks Integrated Marketing has all the resources you need to effectively, efficiently, and economically power-up your efforts to reach your new, emerging, and traditional revenue sources. Call or e-mail us today.

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