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Telemarketing 2022 – going from good to great!

Have you ever wondered where all the phone calls come from?

A Few Fun Facts!

There are 30,988 Telemarketing & Call Center businesses in the US as of 2022, that’s an increase of 2.5% from 2021. Call center businesses employ over 2 million workers with Florida, California and Texas leading the way in number of call centers. This does not include the millions of sales people in the US that use the phone as a primary mechanism to generate revenue. The industry is growing at a 2% annually and 25 billion in reported revenue. Although not at the pace as before we had a national do not call registry, it is healthy in spite of all the challenges, especially outbound efforts with compliance, fines, litigators, stir/shaken, spam likely, and overall quality of employees.

Even though the national do-not call registry (overseen by the FTC) rules and regulations have gone through some changes, but did you know it is the largest consumer participated program the government has instituted with approx. 250 million phone numbers on the registry? When in our history have, we ever been able to have this many Americans agree on one thing?!

Data Rules!

The silver lining here, for the telemarketing business in today’s environment, are the amazing platforms and technologies to mitigate the risk telemarketers face and proactively stay ahead of the curve. The companies that invest in the right systems, and manage their own and their customers data properly, are well positioned for steady growth in our post COVID virtual environment!

Speaking of data, as always, data rules in separating the good from the great. With close to 50 million phone numbers in the United States changing every year, understanding how to stay on top of this phenomenon is key to ongoing success. Why so much change? Well, it’s not too complicated with an unprecedented event called the pandemic. This massive shift was created with businesses closing down, certain demographics opting to take advantage of carrier deals with a new plan, and finally consumers wanting to change their number to avoiding the Rocky Balboa call. Remember Rocky’s job in the original movie? Rocky was a collector back in the day, when collectors showed up in person!

We have come a long way from the days of “Wolf of Wall Street” and “Boiler Room” a couple of classics with financial advisors picking up a white page directory and “cold calling” potential investors that lived in certain neighborhoods! The days of bulk dialing and smile and dial are almost nonexistent today.

Phones have evolved over the years; however, one constant remains – with a phone number you need the proper identity of the person you are contacting. The organizations that are able to take advantage of all the systems and big data tools available (to validate, authenticate, and maximize their new and old phone numbers and contacts) will win in the long run!

Today, phone numbers can bring together extremely valuable information – a complete consumer identity. This can include name, current address, additional phones and emails, and valuable data like relevant demographics, key household and wealth information, property and mortgage attributes, credit score ranges, and consumer behavior and interests. This will help you create a better customer experience by having better intelligence and even better call routing capabilities by funneling higher quality leads and calls routed to the proper agents, thus improving engagement and conversions for both your inbound and outbound efforts!

With the most comprehensive phone databases in the industry, and well over a half a billion phone numbers, let IMDataCenter help you go from good to great by ensuring that you are taking advantage of the intelligence of our phone data as part of your service and product offering. We can provide a significant lift in identifying consumers, and greatly improving the customer experience.

Come take us for a test drive and access our performance-based SaaS platform which returns results with ease, efficiency, quality and speed!

We Can Help

Since 2009 Brooks Integrated Marketing has helped companies acquire new clients by providing a next generation data platform that provides precision targeting for digital audiences, mobile, email, direct mail & telemarketing. Our software platform , in real-time monetizes leads, client and prospect data by scoring and verifying identity, enhancing quality, and appending relevant data which expands marketable universe and quality of conversions.

On-Target Results

Brooks Integrated Marketing has all the resources you need to effectively, efficiently, and economically power-up your efforts to reach your new, emerging, and traditional revenue sources. Call or e-mail us today.

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